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Well done. You've moved in. All that effort, not to mention money, has finally paid off and you are now in you new home.

Housewarming party

By now all your friends will be eager to know when you are going to have that housewarming party. It is sometimes a good idea to hold it whilst most of your belongings are still packed. Although you may feel completely exhausted by the move and not in the party mood, it will save you from seeing all of your curious friends one by one as they 'just drop in' to see what the new house is like, and you may even get some housewarming presents!

You can even order your party drinks online. Why not combine the housewarming with redecoration by having a painting party - you supply the brushes, the paint and the beer and your friends supply the elbow grease. Be warned though, this is really for those who really cannot live with the old decor; a party attitude does not make for neat painting!

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