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Telling the world

There are a myriad of people and companies to tell when you are moving. Keeping on top of who you need to tell and the paperwork you need to prepare can be a headache. Make youself a list of who needs to be told. They can be grouped into the following categories :

  • Friends and family
  • Companies
  • Legal and financial

Your best bet is to get someone else to do the hard work. Try for a website that can arrange most of these online for you.

First Name
Last Name

Fill in the form above and will (for security reasons) send you an email with access details for their free moving made simple service.

Friends and family

A good address book is vital here. Get yourself some change of address cards from your local postoffice or newsagents if you have a managable number of people, or consider getting some printed professionally or DIY at work on the office printer or photocopier (remember to ask first). If you wanted to get some done professionally, try for some easy to order labels :

Quantity       Colour


Start to make a list of the companies who you will need to tell about your move. Include in this list the utility companies, such as your telephone, electricity and gas suppliers, as well as any mobile phone, cable or satellite subscriptions you have. Add in companies who regularly send things to you at home, such as catalogue companies, not forgetting the milkman and newspaper shop.

Legal and financial

Your bank and credit card will need to know of your move, and you will need to get your driver's license and electoral role details changed. You may need to change things such as any personal loans or credit arrangements, and there is a chance you may need to tell your tax office, although your employer will probably do this for you.

Hints and tips

  • Get a quote from a local printers shop - they may be able to arrange postage too
  • Arrange a mail redirection service and tell each company as you get the letters through
  • Send them out with Christmas cards, or, if it is some time until Christmas, arrange for some stickers with the new address to include in them when they do go out
  • Make sure you get your new telephone number or confirm that you can keep the old one before contacting anyone
  • Get a telephone redirection service set up on the old number if you get a lot of calls
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